A Green Adventure with Dad

My father loves taking public transportation. When he and mom still lived in the Philippines, he insisted during my annual visits that we use the LRT in Manila to go to the big city from our home in provincial Bulacan. Of course, my mother and relatives did not approve. Dad and I went anyway, going to places of his childhood – Divisoria, Ongpin – when Manila was still, well, beautiful.

Light Railway Transit

  View from the station

Dad & I waiting for the LRT, 2.26.2010

Exploring Divisoria



Now, because of Dad’s daily need for dialysis, my parents live very close to me. Dad has not lost his desire for adventures using public transportation. He has a senior bus pass and regularly rides, even though he is still able to drive safely at age 81.
Yesterday, he and I decided to take public transportation to see the space shuttle, “Endeavor,” at the California Science Center, in downtown Los Angeles. Dad, armed with his iPad, Time magazine and senior bus pass, and me with my iPhone and Tap Card began our adventure. We walked from home to Sunset and La Brea to catch the 212 bus.
The Expo LineView of the Hollywood Sign

This ride took about 30 min. We stopped at Exposition and La Brea to ride the Expo Line.

I found the Expo Line station impressive. It’s clean, open and inviting. The train arrives every 15 minutes and has a nice view of Hollywood and the famous Hollywood sign.

Walking along The Rose GardenThe Endeavor

The Expo Line stops right in front of Exposition Park where California Science Center is located. Dad and I explored, discovered, learned, took photos, and lunched beside the Rose Garden.

After lunch we walked with our frozen desserts back to the Expo Line to head home. The whole trip one way took about an hour. We got home safely and in time for dinner with the family, featuring Mom’s menudo.

It’s inspiring how an 81 year-old contributes in his own little way to a greener Los Angeles. Making a small difference is possible and, in fact, quite delightful.



Green Shopping on a Budget

I’m always hunting for bargains on green products, organic produce, and green/vegan/vegetarian eats. And I like to share my discoveries with friends and family. In fact, my father told me the other day that all he and Mom ever hear from their daughter is “organic this…organic that.” He calls my music organic as well!

Today I’ve decided to widen my green circle. Welcome to the Green Bargain Shopper Network…now I’m including you!

I’ll be posting discoveries here on my blog…so come back often.

Today’s Discoveries:
SOAP — Who would have thought that corporate behemoth Rite Aid would have some really great (and green!) soaps?

  • 100% pure vegetable oils, 100% pure shea butter, paraben free, phthalate free, sodium lauryl sulfate free
  • 98% plant-derived
  • $2.99

  •  paraben free, phthalate free, sodium lauryl sulfate free
  • $1.59
The soaps come in a paper package, which is biodegradable.
Suggestion to the Manufacturer: It would be a greener product if the packaging were made from recycled materials.