My Personal Healthcare Story

I consider myself a relatively healthy person. I eat sensibly and engage in moderately-intense exercise at least 3 times a week. Before diving into the strange world of show business, I worked full-time as a physical therapist; I had excellent health insurance.

About 5 years ago, when I began my solo singing career in earnest, I had to leave the comforts of a regular income and health care benefits. During this time, I was diagnosed with benign breast cyst. Here I was, a young, healthy female, and I could not get insurance (after Cobra). Transitioning to a full-time career as an artist was one of the hardest decisions in my life, and I would hate to discourage other Americans not to pursue their passions because of health care. I almost did, but because I was so passionate about music I persevered, continuing to try to get health insurance after many rejections.

After one year of being uninsured (and being very scared about it, as I had always had health insurance!) I was finally approved by a company that gave me limited access and was very expensive. As an artist who was starting out in the business, I was paying close to $500-a-month on health insurance, with a high deductible. I know firsthand that there is definitely something wrong with our system and it needs to be changed NOW.

I took care of my health – no doubt about it – and I am a strong advocate for personal responsibility. But there are many illnesses that are beyond anyone’s control.

How do you take care of your brothers and sisters? Health care is a necessity. If we can finance a very expensive war, I know we can do the same for America’s health!

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