Los Angeles: More Incentives to Save Water!

Dear Readers: I’m sharing with you a press release from LADWP released today, August 20, 2012

LADWP More Than Doubles Investment Water Conservation Rebate Programs to Encourage Customers to Keep Saving Water at Home and Work

Department to Invest $23 Million for Fiscal Year 12-13;
Up from $10 Million Last Fiscal Year

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has committed $23 million for its popular Water Conservation Rebate Program for homes and businesses, offering incentives as generous as $3,000 for a pH-Cooling Tower Controller for commercial customers and $8 for each rotating sprinkler nozzle for residential customers. These rebates, which are designed to encourage water conservation and help customers save money on their bills, are available during the current fiscal year, ending June 30, 2013, until the funds are spent. The Department’s $23 million investment this year more than doubles last year’s budget of $10 million.“We are incredibly proud of the fact that our customers have achieved the lowest daily water use per person on record in the City of Los Angeles – just 123 gallons per person per day,” said James B. McDaniel, Senior Assistant General Manager of the LADWP Water System. “That is the lowest customer water use in the nation for cities with a population greater than one million.  Between our rebate and incentive programs, water conservation awareness programs and water efficient building requirements, we continue to head in the right direction.  That helps the environment and helps our customers save money.”

Los Angeles, which receives average annual rainfall of about 15 inches per year, is dependent upon purchased, imported water to sustain its population of 3.9 million residents. In a typical year, the City receives more than 50% of its water supplies from the California and Colorado River aqueducts, about 35% from the City-owned and operated Los Angeles Aqueduct, with the balance pumped locally from underground sources and stormwater recharge. Water conservation, together with recycled water, stormwater capture and local groundwater cleanup and management, are part of the Department’s Local Water Supply Program, which LADWP is expanding to further reduce reliance on more expensive imported water to keep costs low for customers.

Rebates offered for residential customers include:

High Efficiency Toilet $100
High Efficiency Clothes Washer $300
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles $8
Weather Based Irrigation Controller (less than 1 acre) $200
Weather Based Irrigation Controller (over 1 acre) $25 per station
California Friendly Landscape $1.50 per square foot

Rebates offered for commercial customers include:

Weather Based Irrigation Controller $50 per station
Central Computer Irrigation Controller $50 per station
Large Rotary Nozzles, per set $13
Rotating Nozzles for pop-up stray heads, per nozzle $8
Multi-Family High Efficiency Toilet $175
Commercial High Efficiency Toilet, Tank Type $175
Commercial High Efficiency Toilet, Flushometer $300
Zero Water Urinals $500
Ultra Low Water Urinal $500
pH-Cooling Tower Controller $3,000
Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller $625
Dry Vacuum Pump – per .5 HP $125
Connectionless Food Steamers, per compartment $610
Ice-Making Machines $1,000
In-Stem Flow Regulator, per regulator $1
California Friendly Landscape $1 per square foot

Information and applications for the residential SoCal Water$mart Rebate Program, available to tenants, homeowners, and landlords, can be obtained online at

Information and applications for the commercial rebates are available at Other tips are available at

LADWP water customers can obtain free water conservation devices, including bathroom faucet aerators, kitchen faucet aerators, and low flow showerheads, by calling the Water Conservation Hotline at 1-800-544-4498 and press “0” for rebates.

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