A Reminder

 I spent much of the day driving in heavy rain and heavy traffic from one birthday party to another one 35 miles apart. As most of you know by now, I don’t like using my car. In addition to my usual environmental concerns, saftey issues (compounded by driving during a pouring rain) added to my concern and frustration. But then I arrived at the birthday parties! One was a double celebration for two very old friends who knew me before I became a full-fledged singer, and the other was for a new friend that I’ve become very fond of, someone I’m looking forward to knowing more. My spirit lifted.  I was able to reconnect with a long time friend I hadn’t seen in years. Though I was frustrated and concerned about harming our Mother Earth by adding to the destruction of our ozone layer, I was reminded today that sometimes,  in a few  rare instances, using my car to make human connections feels less oblivious and unconscious than using it to merely get from one errand to another. Today my soul was caressed by the beauty of friendship. But I remain aware that all my actions, even a 35 mile drive, have consequences.


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