Happy World Water Day (March 22)!

 Today (Tuesday) is World Water Day. Created by the United Nations, WWD highlights the scarcity of potable water, a crisis that is ongoing in every region of our increasingly thirsty planet including my birth country, the Philippines.


To commemorate World Water Day and to raise awareness of an issue that affects us all, Im releasing a NEW MUSIC VIDEO of my water-themed song "Flow: A Simple Drink of Water," from my album Something Good.


The United Nations tells us that "every twenty-seconds a child dies or suffers because of water problems."  We can do better.


The music video for "Flow," viewable HERE, is intended to draw attention to our global water crisis. I really believe the lyrics: It doesn’t have to be this way. No, we’re not condemned to slow decay. This is a problem we’re capable of fixing — if people become aware!  What do you think?
Thank you for celebrating water with me. Thank you for celebrating life!

"Flow" from Something Good (Razon/Konik)

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