March: World Water Month

I’m thrilled to have completed post-production on my 3rd music video. The song is “Flow” from my current album Something Good. Recently I’ve become acutely aware of the problems our world is facing because of scarce potable water.

According to United Nations, “every 20 seconds, a child dies from water-related disease.”  While other countries such as the United States have the luxury to waste water, i.e., washing vehicles, watering lawns, etc., the residents of many countries fight every day to get a drop to drink. What’s most unfortunate is that those of us with an abundance of water generally are not aware of the rest of the planet’s water  

problem. My hope is that our music video will increase awareness of the global water issue and encourage folks to actively participate in a new water consciousness.

On March 12th, the “Flow” crew embarked on a journey to complete the music video. Led by our director, Eric Goodwin, we spent a day playing in nature, in the water, with five beautiful children. Here are some of the photos we took .

Jaden Austria with Eric Goodwin & James Hiatt (assistant)
Jalen Austria
Lilian, Nael and Niora on the way to the creek.
Niora & Lillian going down the small hill.
Here’s Nael! He stole my heart.
Make-up/Hair Stylist Joel Sebastian taking a rest from the hike. *sigh*
Eric carrying Lillian across the creek.
Eric & James hard at work.
The children had so much fun playing in the water and so did the parents!
[photos courtesy of yours truly]
Look for the debut of "Flow" on World Water Day, March 20th.

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