Green Shopping on a Budget

I’m always hunting for bargains on green products, organic produce, and green/vegan/vegetarian eats. And I like to share my discoveries with friends and family. In fact, my father told me the other day that all he and Mom ever hear from their daughter is “organic this…organic that.” He calls my music organic as well!

Today I’ve decided to widen my green circle. Welcome to the Green Bargain Shopper Network…now I’m including you!

I’ll be posting discoveries here on my blog…so come back often.

Today’s Discoveries:
SOAP — Who would have thought that corporate behemoth Rite Aid would have some really great (and green!) soaps?

  • 100% pure vegetable oils, 100% pure shea butter, paraben free, phthalate free, sodium lauryl sulfate free
  • 98% plant-derived
  • $2.99

  •  paraben free, phthalate free, sodium lauryl sulfate free
  • $1.59
The soaps come in a paper package, which is biodegradable.
Suggestion to the Manufacturer: It would be a greener product if the packaging were made from recycled materials.