"Jazzipino Invades Broomfield from Rob Johnson with Denver Examiner

Charmaine Clamor is extremely beautiful. She is also possessed of a golden singing voice. Why the Broomfield Auditorium should be allowed to showcase her on Saturday, January 29th, is beyond the ken of this writer. This is a talent that should be filling stadiums, not 300-seat civic auditoriums. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) The most amazing thing about this Filipino-American singer is that she has only been singing professionally since 2005. Already she has four CDs on the market, the most recent Something Good showcasing all her persona, from torch ballads to R & B to her own Jazzipino (a combination of jazz and her native Filipino music). It should come as no surprise that Charmaine is a singer; her first word as a baby in the Philippines was sung. "(Then Filipino dictator) Marcos' martial theme was always played", she says, in a sexy accent. "I sang 'bubay', my attempt to sing the word 'mabuhay'". Listening to Something Good is a bit of a revelation. That an artist of her youth can plumb the depths of a song like "Every Single Moment" is an accomplishment of the highest order. This writer also challenges any human to listen to her steamy rendition of "Sweet Spot" without breaking into a sweat. If you can, check your pulse; you're probably dead. Ms. Clamor is a self-professed "World Music addict". And when she says the world, she means the whole ball of wax, not just the NPR Flavor-of-the-Week. Indian raga to Cuban music fills her world, along with Ella and Sassy. So, stay home on Saturday night, January 29th; at your own peril. Those of us at the Broomfield Auditorium will be having the time of our lives, suckers. Oh, and pick up Something Good at Twist and Shout, Denver's finest independent record store.

by Rob Johnson, for Denver Examiner, JANUARY 28, 2011