"A Truly Exquisite Vocalist" from Karl Stober with EjazzNews

ôEvery single moment, could it be romance?ö Yes, it could, in fact... in the hearts of the extremely demanding audiences, this is what they seek and devour when it comes to the distinctly ravishing tones of vocalist Charmaine Clamor. Ms Clamor offers romance to those heartbroken by the lack of quality swayà From her days of conjuring up the sounds of Jazzipino to today, where her crowds increase in size with each vocal accomplishment, she is quickly stimulating the jazz psyche around the globe. This is evident in the uplifting swagger of her new release Something Good, which extracts mediocrity from ones musically-challenged library. Charmaine Clamor is the chartbusting chantreuse of musicÆs new millennium!

What makes this new project more than her fourth American spin? Ms. ClamorÆs comforting tones just seep from her dynamic command, of jazz's academic demands. Ms. Clamor understands without question, the inner-sanctum of jazzÆs emotional desires. Her lyrical design engages the listener to flee, without notification, into her space musically; not knowing they are being drawn in by the door she opens, with her vocal prowess.

Ms. Clamor put together, what I believe, is a multi-emotional expose of her journeys thus far in her career. The selections are eclectic in style and attitude. The covers are unique where the overplayed standards are void on this spin. Rogers and HammersteinÆs ôSomething Goodö is not a menu item that is traditionally overcooked, recording wise however her performance of this defines innocence and purity, befitting its original Andrews delivery. This is a hard-line Clamor trait in birthing projects.

Notable spins are numerous however, ôSweet Spotö a Tozer/Winker child, takes the mood of sensuality and offers it a new dimension. An ôoutside the music sheetö dimension which ones ôsink your teeth intoö reaction is very much natural. However the spin stylistically evokes her feminine charms that could melt the most latent lover.

For those who like a entertaining ride, in line with just kicking up the jam and letting it spread, then spin bonus track ôBreakfast with Bubba,ö as Ms. Clamor lets her hair down with the Our Lady of Refuge Choir. Ms Clamor and assembly swings a blues-esque renegade sway that just unclogs your stagnant veins.

Stitching together this quilt of sensitive attitudes may not have been easy yet essential to find the inner soul of this truly exquisite vocalist. Few vocalists have crossed my desk with this potential and promise; adding to it a narcotic appeal. Once youÆve spun the sound, the addiction becomes reality. Something Good will be one of 2010Æs studies in highly sophisticated and sensual elegance; this is a stylish approach to jazz.

by Karl Stober, for EjazzNews, DECEMBER 05, 2010