"One of the Best Vocalists of This Generation" from John Book with This is Book's Music

Charmaine Clamor has returned with an album that, if it doesnÆt prove that she is one of the best vocalists of this generation, listen again.

Something Good (FreeHam) continues to show the talent of Clamor and what sheÆs able to do with her voice and the songs she presents to the world. This album shows how developed she has become not only with how she sings, but the arrangements throughout, done with a number of people but Clamor herself had a hand in arranging the title track, along with Abe Lagrimas, Eli Brueggermann, and Gary Wicks. If thereÆs one thing that holds up about this album, there is a deeper backbone, and not that her music didnÆt have it before but Something Good comes off like a strong and balanced album, one with depth and meaning, designed in a fashion that shows how well she does in a jazz context. ItÆs not a concept album, but rather Something Good is a collection that has a distinct beginning, a carefully executed adventure, and a solid closer, all while Clamor continues to share her love of the music with who she is as a person. Her DNA is a focal point but at this point in her career itÆs almost a given, one that is known and casually hangs out in the background but one that is very much a part of who she is. At this point she is able to say that she is Pinay, now let me welcome you to what I enjoy. Of course, if youÆre enjoying Clamor and her music by now, then youÆve already found the couch. Kick back and hear something quite good.

by John Book, for This is Book's Music, NOVEMBER 16, 2010